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Ring Indoor cameras - Reliable, versatile, & affordable

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At San Diego Smart Homes, we custom fit a range of security brands to keep your loved ones and living spaces safe, depending on your specific needs.

Ring is a brand that matches outstanding security with functionality at a reasonable price, which is why we often recommend Ring indoor cameras to our customers.

Some other key benefits of Ring indoor cameras:

They are easy to use, even for the less than tech-savvy.

Ring indoor cameras offer a range of cameras that cater to varying needs and preferences.

Their sleek, modern design ensures that they don’t disrupt the overall aesthetics of your home. Cameras by Ring for indoor settings are compact enough to be placed largely out of view - on shelves, countertops, windowsills, or mounted onto walls.

Ring cameras record in high-definition video, allowing you to monitor goings-on with clarity, while infrared night vision provides visibility in low-light conditions.

Indoor cameras by Ring also utilize two-way audio, making it easy to communicate with guests or family members.

Motion detection integrates seamlessly into your smart phone, so you receive instant alerts of suspicious activity in your home. Using the Ring mobile app, you can view your camera footage from anywhere you have internet access.

You can customize motion detection so you are notified only when relevant activity occurs.

Communication between Ring cameras and the Ring app are encrypted, which protects hackers from accessing your data.

Ring cameras are adaptable to other smart home devices - such as smart lights, doorbells, and alarms - allowing for easy overall integration and to build a more comprehensive security system as needed.

The Pan and Tilt feature allows you to remotely alter the camera’s view, which is very useful for larger areas within the home.

Solar, battery and plug-in Ring cameras are available.

For $10 per month (or $100 a year), you get recordings for all your Ring cameras and Ring doorbells (saved for up to 180 days) as well as an extended warranty for your devices.

Besides deterring burglary and collecting vital evidence in the case of one, Ring doorbells and cameras allow you to:

- Monitor package deliveries and deter theft and tampering. This is particularly useful in homes with exposed porches, building lobbies, and neighborhoods with lots of thru traffic.

- Check in on your pets - are they getting into mischief, do they need food or water, are they dreaming away or wondering where you are?

- Better take care of your family. Ring cameras can be used to look after children playing in different rooms of the home, from the home itself or when your’e away. They allow you to check in with older family members who may need assistance and to quickly address emergencies should they arise.

  • Integrate your Ring equipment to a wide range of preexisting technology infrastructure, or adapt it to new equipment as your needs evolve.

Some major platforms that Ring are compatible with and we at San Diego Smart Homes are adept at customizing to your needs include:

Amazon Alexa: Ring cameras work well with Alexa-powered devices, including Amazon Echo and the Echo Show. Alexa allows you to use voice commands to execute Ring functions and to view camera footage.

Google Assistant: As with Alexa, you can use Google Assistant to view video feeds. You can do  so using voice commands through devices like Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max - and compatibility continues to improve.

ADT Pulse: ADT is one of the biggest security companies in the US, and Ring cameras and doorbells can be integrated into ADT Pulse, which allows you to use your security system, cameras, and locks from your phone or computer. You can also set and adjust thermostats, lighting and other smart devices, as is the case with a Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Ring is compatible with a range of other security services. Ask our team for details.

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Ring doorbell

Some overlooked areas Ring cameras and doorbells provide noticeable benefits include:

Vacation rentals: When vacation homes are not being rented they are susceptible to break-ins. Hosts can monitor exteriors and interiors remotely using the Ring app. Besides deterring theft, this can contribute to guest safety by seeing to it that sidewalks, driveways, alleyways and parking lots are monitored upon their arrival, especially late at night.

Resolving disputes: Should vandalism or neighborhood disturbances occur during a guest or renter’s stay, Ring cameras can be used to provide vital evidence.

Increasing home value: Ring cameras, and smart home technology more broadly, count as modern, technological amenities that can increase a home’s attractiveness, convenience and security. Put another way, a well-protected home that smartly leverages technology is a more valuable home.

Insurance discounts: Some insurance companies will offer discounts for fitting your home with Ring doorbells, Ring outdoor cameras, and Ring indoor cameras. Ring makes it easy to submit a professional monitoring certificate to your insurance company. One of the best ways to qualify for an insurance discount is through installation of the Ring Security System or the slightly more advanced Ring Alarm Pro. Both kits come with a base station, contact sensors, motion detectors, keypads and a range extender. The features that make them eligible for security discounts include: surveillance cameras, mobile alerts, motion detectors that cover 2+ rooms and several doors and windows, surveillance cameras and disaster protection Separate purchase of the Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listener may further qualify you for insurance discounts.

Battery powered and wired options: Ring offers both depending on your needs and preferences. Battery-powered Ring cameras allow you more freedom in terms of placement, as they aren’t dependent on outlets, while wired cameras ensure continuous power supply (barring an electrical outage). Ring's battery-powered cameras alert you when the battery is getting low, typically around 20%, so you’ll know well in advance when you have to replace or recharge it. Some Ring cameras, like the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery and the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery, come with rechargeable batteries.

Ring also offers a reputable line of outdoor cameras, including the Ring Spotlight Cam, Ring Floodlight Cam, and the Stick Up Cam.

We at San Diego Smart Homes have extensive experience installing and customizing home security systems that work best for your family and in your living space, so ask us how a Ring or other leading security system can best be tailored to your needs.

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